St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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Ethos and Vision

School Vision Statement

We are a progressive learning community, which nurtures the holistic growth of all children within a supportive Catholic environment.

Progressive learning community – tells people that we are keeping up with current educational trends and looking of the future needs of our students, trying to make them into lifelong learners who will be prepared for their lives in society.

Nurtures the holistic growth – tells people that we are developing the whole child in their academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth and the crossovers that occur in these areas.

Supportive Catholic environment – lets people know that we have a strong pastoral care element in our school and that the Catholic ethos is the foundation of all the learning that goes on within the school in all areas.

Education in Faith

The School provides a Christian education which attempts to strengthen faith by providing opportunity for a deeper understanding, a greater appreciation and a more personal commitment to Jesus Christ. This spiritual dimension is cultivated by Religious Education classes, participation in Liturgical celebrations and the prevailing tone of the school.

School Prayer

Lord, we pray for your guiding hand to be over our school St. Brigid’s.
Bless us all with your love and help us to become more like you.
Help us with our school work and to understand the meaning of love and friendship.
Keep us loyal to God, our School, our family and our friends.
By Sr Marion Beard

Achievement of Aims

The School community works together to encourage:

  • A vital, stimulating social atmosphere in each classroom and the school as a whole.
  • A healthy social climate with mutual respect between staff and pupils.
  • A close cooperation and mutual respect between members of Staff and parents of children.
  • A respect for authority.
  • High standards of courtesy and appropriate behaviour at all times.
  • The development of self-discipline.
  • A pride in self, grade, faction and school.