St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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Our Community

Parents & Friends

Student Leadership


To have a student body that represents the school in all areas that is real and life giving to them and to the school community.


  • Allow the children to experience responsibility in completing required tasks
  • Allow the children to cooperate in a group situation
  • Allow the children to experience a meeting process
  • Allow the children to develop leadership skills
  • Allow the children to develop public speaking skills


During term 4 of the preceding year a voting process takes place in the senior classroom. The children and staff vote in four student leaders and four deputy leaders. Students must nominate to be voted in and the top four vote getters from the class vote are then vetted by the whole staff and ratified. The staff has the power of veto and they can change the result.

These students are then allocated to one of the four Service Councils for one term along with an even break up of the rest of the class. At the end of one term the Service Council that they are allocated to rotates and by the end of term four they will have covered all four areas. Each service council has a link to a teacher who provides guidance and support during meetings and acts as a facilitator for the group. Each group needs to meet once a week for approx 20mins. Some time during the week the four leaders and the four deputies also meet to exchange information.

Names of the elected leaders and deputies are announced at the Thanks Giving Mass at the end of the year for the following year. Badges are given out at the Induction Mass early in term 1 of the incumbent year. Names of the leaders are put up on the honor board each year.

The Service Councils

  • Nagel Council (Founder of the Presentation Sisters) – Pastoral Care (looks after Mission Fundraising selling, class mass room preparation, overheads at mass, mass booklets, clean up after masses, set up of sound system for masses.)
  • Rice Council (Founder of the Christian Brothers) – Sport (looks after sport storage room, set up of equipment for Tuesday sport before school, classroom sporting equipment, inflation of balls carnival set ups)
  • Treacey Council (First Presentation Sister in Collie) – Environment (looks after veggie garden, worm farms, golden bag award, recycling)
  • Briody Council (First Parish Priest of St Brigid’s Collie) – Social ( organizing social days, discos, Assembly set up of chairs and mats and PA, ANZAC day prep)