St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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Our Community

Parents & Friends

Pastoral Care

School Chaplain

St Brigid’s is very grateful to the Federal Government for their support in providing funding for a School Chaplain under the School Chaplaincy Program. The Chaplain works with students and parents to provide support when needed. The Chaplain is trained to run a variety of programs to promote health and wellbeing. St Brigid’s is also an active KidsMatter school.

St Brigid’s School Chaplaincy/Pastoral Care Programme

St Brigid’s applied for and was successful in acquiring the Government Chaplaincy Grant. This has allowed the school to enhance the pastoral care services which are offered to the school community

It is a voluntary Programme that will assist schools and their communities to support the spiritual wellbeing of their students. This includes support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships, spirituality and religious issues; the provision of pastoral care; and enhancing engagement with the broader community. (National School Chaplaincy Programme).

At St Brigid’s the Chaplain’s role has included :

  • liaising with relevant support agencies in the area and linking those in need with these agencies
  • Establishing a strong link with the Waratah Group and their services
  • Individual couselling and for students staff, parents and those in the wider community who have links to the school
  • Introducing the Rock and Water programming to help those who suffer from bullying
  • Grief and Spiritual support to those in need

Ongoing Government Financial Support will help keep this programme and service ‘alive’ in a town with myriad needs