St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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General Information

Parent Information Booklets

Download the Kindergarten - Pre Primary Parent Information Booklet.

Download the Year 1 to Year 6 Parent Information Booklet.


The school has a positive approach to discipline, encouraging all students to reach their full potential and develop a sense of good citizenship.

A copy of the schools Discipline Policy is available in the office if parents wish to view it.

Parents Role in Support of the School

  • A commitment to the school’s aims and goals is essential to enable parents and staff to work in harmony.
  • As community members, parents are expected to be involved in fund-raising, busy bees and in contributing to the social development of the school.
  • All families are encouraged to assist with canteen at least twice a year.
  • All parents are expected to support the P & F Association. (A commitment note goes out to each family at the start of the year.)
  • Parent participation through attendance at teacher interviews, class meetings, sacramental programmes, and excursions together with classroom involvement and assistance with physical education classes is encouraged.
  • Parent help is required for - conference writing, reading, computing, art and sport and also in attendance at class Masses and Liturgies.
  • Parent support in attendance at class and school Masses and Liturgies is required.


If a child is absent for any reason please write an explanation to the teacher. This is a requirement set by the Education Department. Children are never to be taken from the school during the day without notifying the office and completing a release form.


The school Assembly involves a presentation of an item by a particular class once a year, presentation of certificates, reports eg. sport, missions, prefect report and other items of interest. Frequency of Assemblies is decided each term and published in newsletter, usually on a Friday. Adequate notification is given to parents.


Bicycles are not to be ridden in the school grounds, but must be wheeled to the racks provided. HELMETS MUST BE WORN and bikes locked to bike racks.

Canteen. (Accredited by WA Canteen Assoc)

The Canteen aims to provide our students with a variety of interesting and nutritious food in accordance with the guidelines set by the Heart Foundation and the WA Canteen Association.

Download the Canteen Menu

We promote natural products such as 100% fruit juice and dairy products rather than soft drinks.

Morning Recess is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Lunches are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The school is endeavouring to promote healthy eating. NO child is permitted to leave the school grounds to buy lunch from the local shop. A note is required if you wish your child to have lunch at home.

Each family is encouraged to help on canteen at least twice a year.


This programme uses our specialist teacher working in the multipurpose room. The children have approx a 40min lesson once a week.

Change of Address or Phone Number

Please notify the office in the event of the above.

Advice to the Principal of any other new relevant information regarding your child or family situation would be appreciated and kept confidential if required.

Daily Time Table

Staff commence - 8.30 am. - 3.30 pm
School commences - 8.55 am.
Recess - 11.00 am - 11.20 am
Lunch - 12.45 pm - 1.30 pm
Dismissal - 3.10 pm

Staff will not be available to supervise children prior to 8.30 am each day.

Please do not have your children at school before 8.30am

Mobile Phones etc.

Mobile phones, CD players, Electronic games, transistors and toys of a dangerous nature are not permitted at the school, and loss or breakage of same is not the responsibility of the school.

Infectious Diseases

These require parents to observe certain rules.

  1. HEAD LICE: - Exclude from school - re admit after appropriate treatment
  2. MEASLES: - Exclude from school - re admit on doctors advice
  3. MUMPS: - Exclude from school - re admit on doctors advice
  4. CHICKEN POX: - Exclude from school - re admit on doctors advice
  5. All others are on advice from your doctor and a medical certificate.


Measles immunisation is essential. If your child is not immunised and there is an epidemic he/she will be excluded from school for 13 days or until immunised. It is now compulsory for immunisation cards to be presented upon enrolment. Would you please present your child's immunisation card to the school office before the end of this school year, if you have not already done so.



Throughout the year there may be times when it is necessary for your child to take medication during school hours. If this is required School policy dictates that:-

  • parents/guardians must provide written authority for school staff to administer the prescribed medication.
  • parents/guardians are responsible for advising the principal, in writing, of any specific requirements when administering the medication. This should include details from the medical practitioner regarding the circumstances for use.
  • school staff are not to be expected to administer medication or treatments that require specialist training, such as administering injections.
  • all medication should be, appropriately packaged, clearly show the name of the medication, students name, dosage and frequency of the dosage.
  • It should be noted that it is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to ensure that all medication is labelled correctly, is not out of date, and sufficient quantities are supplied for the student's needs.

Students Leaving the School During School Hours

It has become necessary for us to review our procedures relating to school students leaving the school grounds during the day.

We ask that if your child has an appointment and is being picked up from school or is leaving early for any reason that -

  1. A written request is received from a parent/legal guardian.
  2. Parents/legal guardians come in the first instance to the school office to sign out the student before going to the classroom to collect your child.

Teachers will not be able to release a student without this procedure being followed.

Permission to Leave School (Students)
Except in the case of scheduled school activities outside of the school grounds (eg. Sports, swimming, school mass), no student should leave the school grounds during school hours without the written request by the parent/legal guardian, and then only with the permission of the Principal.
Excerpt From the Catholic Education Commission Handbook for Catholic Schools. [July, 2001]

Kindergarten/Pre Primary

Information on the Kindergarten and Pre Primary are available from the office.

Marking Children’s Belongings

Please print clearly your child’s name on all items brought to school. eg clothing, books, bags Responsibility will NOT be taken by the school for the loss of unmarked items.


Mass is celebrated both at school and in the church during the term. Each year level participates in the celebration of a class Mass or Liturgy each term. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend where possible.


A newsletter is published once a fortnight on a Thursday.

P & F Meetings

These are held on the first Thursday of every month in the school staffroom. [You will be advised of times].


Formal reports are written out for children twice a year - end of Terms 2 and 4. Parents are always welcome to come and discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher. Portfolios of children's work with assessment rubrics are sent home Terms 1 and 4.

School Bus

School bus is provided to transport your child to sporting and excursion venues. Students are expected to treat the bus with care, respect and consideration for the safety of themselves and others at all times.

School Camps and Excursions

It is school policy to take year seven students on a three day camp. Other grades are encouraged to have day excursions of an educational or recreational nature depending on the need for and availability of such at the time. All camps and excursions are in accordance with CEO Policy.

Sports Day

Each class participated in one sport lesson a week (times to be advised) with a sport specialist and Friday is class sport.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons will be reviewed annually depending on availability of lesson time. [Catering for non-swimmers first - through the stages of acquired skills to a cut off point].

Usually a two week block of lessons in Term 1 followed by a school carnival.

School Uniform

A high standard of neatness in dress is expected at all times. The correct uniform must be worn for each school activity including sporting and social functions. The school uniform is compulsory for daily attendance at the school and can be purchased from the School Uniform Shop.

It is compulsory for school hats to be worn by students when outdoors, in terms one and four. A policy of ‘no hat no play' is followed during these terms.

Learn more about St Brigid's Uniform here.