St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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Primary Curriculum

The School follows primary curriculum with focus on basic development in ALL subjects from kindergarten and pre primary following through the primary school to prepare the student for secondary education.

The School expects that Christ and Christian values will be respected by all who attend this school. All students participate in the Religious Education programme. The programme is suited to the age and developmental stage of the student and follows the Guidelines for Religious Education of the Archdiocese of Perth.

The Curriculum Framework is used throughout the whole school and linked to progress maps for evaluation purposes.


Proficiency in the nine learning areas of the Curriculum Framework are - Religious Education; Art; English; Health and Physical Education; Science; Mathematics; Society and Environment; Technology and Enterprise - are essential. Every effort is made to encourage the development of each child’s capacities, strengths and knowledge of the world.

Social and Emotional

Development of a ‘good citizen’ able to recognise and honour obligations to the larger community is important. Each child should have the ability to mix with child and adult groups with confidence. Self reliance, justice, courtesy, a high moral code and interest in cultural activities will be encouraged, which are outcomes of the overarching statements of the Curriculum Framework.


A healthy, strong child with knowledge of basic skills and an interest in several sporting activities and the attitudes of fair play, co-operation and sportsmanship will be developed. Participation in school and interschool sporting activities is a key component of our sports programme.

Intervention Programme

The School maintains a very strong Intervention programme, which identifies students experiencing difficulties with their schooling, whether they be learning difficulties, difficulties socialising and interacting with others or special needs. Through a team approach, teachers, together with the student and their parents, work towards common goals to enhance student learning outcomes.

Specialist Classes Offered

Physical Education - This programme runs on a Monday, with all classes having a half hour skills lesson with a specialist teacher.

Art - This programme uses our specialist teacher working in the multipurpose room. The children have approx a 40min lesson once a week.

Drama - Each class has lessons of 1/2 hour covering all aspects of drama on a Wednesday.

Library - an extensively stocked library that has lessons on a Tuesday and Wednesday for all grades.

ICT - each room has four networked desktop computers and we have a lab of 25 desktop computers that are used all week by classes. We also have 21 laptops on a movable trolley within the senior block of rooms. All classrooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard.

Other Programmes Currently Running

Environmental Studies - We have a recycling programme running that collects all recycled items. We also have a can recycling programme running where community and school parents can deposit used aluminium cans which we then crush and sell. We have a school vegetable garden for use by the students and teachers in their studies over the year. This is run in conjunction with two worm farms that use all of our scraps from the canteen and children’s lunches.

Pastoral Care – we currently employ a school chaplain for two days a week. The role of the chaplain is to work with the children and parents when there is a problem either in the family for at school. They also liaise closely with the community services to provide support and care for the members of the community. The chaplain also runs the ‘Rock and Water’ programme with groups within the school.