St Brigid's School


205 Prinsep Street
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St Brigid's Primary School Collie is characterised by its strong sense of community between the school, parish and parents. Parents actively support the school and the staff work collaboratively as a team in its endeavours to provide our children with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Latest News

St Brigid’s School Feedback Requested
In order for St Brigid’s School to develop into the school that meets the needs and aspirations of our community we are requesting feedback from families to help us improve.
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My First Week
During my first week at St Brigid's it has been wonderful meeting so many of you and experiencing the joy, confidence and welcome of our students. It has been great speaking to our parents, teachers and students and learning so much about Collie and St Brigid's School.
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Christmas Concert
Can all students please wear Christmas colours and shorts/pants for the night of the Christmas concert.
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Important Dates

Tues, 29 November
- Piano Recital

Wed, 30 November
- Yr 1/2 Excursion
- Christmas Concert 6pm

Thurs, 1 December
- Yr 5 Excursion
- Kindy Concert 2pm

Fri, 2 December
- Yr 3 & 4 Excursion

Mon, 5 December
- 2017 Leadership Meeting 3.15pm